Jewish culture shown in pp presentation with comprehension test attached. Important part of world's cultural heritage for students 12 and more. 

Ideal before visit in Cracow's Jewish Quarter. 

Presentation on Proszowice  showing brief history and modern times.  

Find Comprehension Test attached and optional Proszowice Field Game. 

Ideal for English class to teach on local history and for classes with foreign exchange students. 

Ideal material for Erasmus+ beneficiaries who host foreigners and are planning a tour of Cracow. You will fina a pp presentation on Cracow's monuments and places of interest and a test in the form of a field game. The resource material can also be used in classroom (CLIL) for English learners. 

Duration: 3-4 hours including walk around Cracow.

You will find here pp presentation on British monarchy, the most eminent dynasties and the Windsor family. As a resource material you will find a comprehension test on the presentation content and a crossword. 

Duration: two lessons.