Subject: Meteorology

Topic: Frontal Disturbance

Timing: 90 min.

Age group: 15-16 years

Learnin objectives:

Understand what are:

         - Air mass;

         - Disturbance of the polar front;

         - Warm, cold and occluded front;

        - Front surface

• Identify warm and cold front and front surface;

Know the weather conditions associated with the passage of a frontal disturbance in the northern latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

• Know how to predict the weather from the interpretation of synoptic charts.

Subject: Meteorology

Topic: Clouds

Timing: 45 min.

Age group: 12-13 years

Learnin objectives:

- Understand the cloud formation process;

- Know the classification of clouds;

-Identify the different cloud types;

-Relate the different clouds with the weather states.